Well Hello there! How are you today? Good? – Well I’m very glad about that!

So a little about me…well my name’s Louise, I’m a Londoner (not a Cockney I would like to add! True Cockney’s are lovely people and are very proud of their roots – I would never want to jump on that bandwagon and hence any rhyming I do whilst speaking/typing is merely a coincidence!) and I have just become a brand new, shiny Masters student in the fascinating topic that is consumer psychology (and business – for it’s full title!).

Now as part of my lovely shiny new educational challenge I have been asked to blog about…well anything really that takes my fancy about anything consumer psychology. It could be brands, advertisements, shopping behaviour…it could be why have Tesco moved the jam aisle yet again (serious concern of mine!) or why my friend just brought 3 pairs of the same shoes in different colours (a fool and his/her money is soon parted!)

However I’ve decided to base it around a topic a bit more personal to me – my job. When I’m not at University, or traipsing round Tesco looking for jam, I’m often found working as a sales consultant at  a well-known UK fashion and home-ware store. Now this job keeps me busy and I love it, but it also gives me opportunity to ponder some random thoughts about my work environment and how this could be changed. Hence my blog – musings on the shop floor.

Sometimes I may wander off topic and discuss something else but, either way, I hope you enjoy my little blog and I would love to hear any of your thoughts and further suggestions on what I post.

Happy Reading


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