…that I love London town!

So this isn’t my main blog for the week (that’s coming very soon!) but after failing my driving test for the second time today I was insistent for about an hour that I don’t want/need to drive. That I shall ‘simply’ move back to London and use the Underground and my life will be blissfully hectic!

Now I love the Underground – it’s easy to navigate, you never have to wait long, some station names are funny and you don’t have to talk to people! – and I love it’s advertising. I mean where better to advertise then on a service that ferries over a billion passengers each year! So to cheer myself up a bit from my miserable day I thought I’d have a Google and find some really good Underground ads! Enjoy : )

Tube Posters get read

Well that makes me feel special : )

Three of a Kind - 888.com Tube Ad

Love these type of ads that provide interesting commentary about the people sitting below. Especially when the people fit the billing (once saw one for a show called Bridezillas with a women sat below carrying a bag for a bridal store!)

This one’s creative using the iconic tube map. Plus with the fact you now get WiFi on the underground I wonder how many people decided to do a little online shop when they saw it!

Maybe a little too much text but it would give you some reading for every day of your commuter week. And I feel educated after it – maybe on Whiskey but you never know when this information may be useful!

Love these ones! Considering how many tourists use the underground it’s clever. Plus the first time I saw one I didn’t get it until I sounded it out in my head. My Oyster card is actually now carried in a Oyster case that is of the Underground map but the stations are spelt how Londoner’s would say them e.g. Ammasmif (Hammersmith) or Rejent Spark (Regent’s Park) (Yes I have merchandise that links to this poster!)

And by far my favorite type of advertising on the Underground are the new(ish) screens up the escalators because 1) they’re always changing, they always keep my attention. But 2) I love it when an advert uses all the screens as you go on your journey. For example there was an advert for a game show James Corden was hosting on Sky a while back and his advert involved him ‘running up the escalator’ with you and stopping for breath and just funny facial expressions as he reached the top. Each screen was blank until James appeared, kind of like the moving pictures in Harry Potter, and it really amused me.

And finally why not an ad for a bit of harmless promotion for the Tube itself. Nice bit of nostalgia created, a bit of pride about a famous British institution (and it really makes me want a polka dot coat (see 1950’s lady) but that could just be me!)


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