So I thought before I posted my real blog for this week I’d do a fun one. This year for my 20th birthday I was given a CD which contained music that had appeared in adverts. I had fun guessing them, until I had listened to the entre album (some call it procrastination, as a consumer psychology student I call it work!), so I’m making my own! It’s just for fun and are all from relativly modern/memorable adverts. Answers are at the end! Good Luck (and no cheating!)

1. Okay this is an easy one to start you off (and tbf the video art gives it away!)

2.Think waterslides

3. This is the original of what is now the second best played advert song of modern times.

4. I am…..

5. I am ashamed if you don’t get this one.

6. Another cover and for a brand that has already featured in this blog.

7. Think 80’s. Think red. Think cutting edge.

8.  This company’s product can really help keep you awake.

9. Ok this one’s harder. But the product tastes good, is fun and is aimed mainly at children (though it is a choking hazard for those under 3!)

10.Biggest viral ad of the year perhaps?

11. Ok another oldie, but I think memorable. Remember when the most modern way to listen to music was on a CD? Not any more!

12. Let’s travel the world in lots in all modes of transport!

13. I’m getting cravings for the product just hearing the song! Maybe its a Britsh thing?!?

14. Don’t want to make assumptions but females may get this a little faster than males.

Double your score if you can get this one because it is from probably over a decade (but always sticks in my mind). Think food shopping & The Naked Chef.


1. John Lewis (obvs!) 2. Barclay Card 3. Muller yogurt 4. Nikon 5. Cadbury’s 6. John Lewis 7. Virgin Atlantic 8. Costa 9. Kinder Eggs 10. 3 11. Apple iPod 12. Honda 13. Twinnings 14. Diet Coke BONUS Sainsbury’s


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